Urban Reformers Institute (URI) is a Bible Institute in partnership with Oral Roberts University. Bringing Theology and Biblical Studies into the Urban Context, with focus areas of: The Christian mind, Community, and Kingdom. For more information, visit 


A subset of Urban Reformers, ​The CODE is a theological education center that is intentionally designed to provide students with Lay level academics. ​Advancing the Kingdom principles of discipleship and leadership in an intimate setting. Visit


Kingdom Life Classes are offered through Urban Reformers Institute. Visit


Shammah Empowerment Center is a grass roots organization with a vision and heart for the City of Milwaukee. Dedicated to empowering individuals and families within our community through multiple programs and services. For more information, ​email [email protected]


Tune in every weekday at 10:00AM and 7:30PM (CST) to hear a word from Pastor Luis Vergara and fellow ministers. Visit for more information!


Bible Gateway is an online bible resource. Visit for God’s word on the go!