A.R.T.S. Ministry

Adoration Relationships Transformation Sanctification
“In the beginning God created……” Genesis 1:1 

In conjunction with DESATAR’s  mission elements of  “Discipleship and Evangelism,”  the ARTS Ministry uses the arts to evangelize to the lost and to inspire and disciple leaders. We are a dedicated group striving to exalt the name of Jesus, edify the church, and allow God to use us to witness to those that are unsaved. We use our God-given talents, gifts, and creativity to spread the Gospel while also developing our unique calling in life.

Our vision is to see lives touched and transformed as a result of God’s work through us. We minister through dramatic presentations, musical theater (human video), praise and worship, speech, and prophetic dance. Our intent is to bring to life His truth through powerful  messages that give all glory to God!

“Not to us,  Lord, not to us  but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1

The ARTS  Ministry ministers for special events and services throughout the year.
Contact  [email protected]  for more information.