Focus On God’s Goodness – Anticipate His Abundance and Favor!

“You Crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.” – Psalm 65:11

I love this Psalm and it is worth reciting at the beginning of EVERY NEW Year. It is an awesome reminder that God begins the New Year, Every Year, in the same manner. He intends for it to be a good year therefore He crowns it as such, with Goodness!

God has prescribed a way that we should follow and in doing so we are the beneficiaries of paths that drip with abundance… I believe that this abundance is physical and spiritual, which includes peace, joy, and His presence in a special way.

Think about it. What good would the physical blessings be if we didn’t have His Holy Presence in a special way? What good would physical things be if they were not accompanied by the peace and joy that only God can give? Anything material without God is not worth it. On the other-hand God demonstrates His Goodness through abundance of all kinds.

Unfortunately, too many have lost out on the abundant blessings of the New Year simply because they have remained in the troubles and regret of the previous years. Many New Years pass them by because they are out of position spiritually and mentally, and their expectation is sapped. It is time to reframe and reposition! It will take audacity to reframe any negative outcome into one that recognizes God was there, is there, and He is always Good. It will take repositioning of oneself on the path that God desires so that we might have a truly “blessed and prosperous New Year!”

Do not let the Goodness of 2019 pass you by! Break the bad patterns of the past thinking and allow yourself to perceive the “new thing” that God has been and is doing!

The New Year brings with it New Opportunities, New Relationships, New Blessings, New Mercies and New Victories! In order to embrace the New Year in Anticipation of His Abundance and Favor, here is a way to get positioned on the path of New Beginnings:
1) Don’t dwell on the past! 2) Look at what God is (has been) doing!

I’m sure there are many ways to kick-off a prosperous New Year, but I know for sure that dwelling on the past is not one of them! Dwelling on yesterday’s pain, offenses, losses, troubles and disappointments are only a recipe for more of the same; It is the guidebook of continuous nothingness!

The Prophet Isaiah told the Children of Israel, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See (look), I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” – Isaiah 43:18-19. Israel’s immediate past was not easy, it can be said that it was filled with pain, offenses, losses, troubles and disappointments. However, God was doing a New Thing! The Prophet was tasked with helping the people see God’s hand and providence in the now.

Why this directive? Because looking back stops us from seeing forward. God said “see (look, take notice), I am doing a new thing!” The Prophet Isaiah took them way back, so that he might encourage their present and future. This is the only reason we should look back. In context
he took them back to the time when the Lord delivered them from the hand of their oppressor. He reminded them of the guidance that was provided during the wilderness wanderings, also that God was the One that made a way for them. He reminds them that He was their provision in the wilderness.

In other words, “Israel, you didn’t get through the difficult years by yourself, I was with you, I am your provision, your Hope and Shield!” God is telling His people, “I helped you before and I am doing it again! The Lord does not Change! He is our provision, our Hope and Shield!” God is still telling His people, “I have helped you before and I am doing it again!”

The New Year is Crowned with His Goodness! Let’s not dwell on what was lost or hindered in 2018! Let’s focus on what God has done. No one reading this in 2019 can say that God has not done anything for them. His abundant grace has brought you through, even if it was a hard battle, the very fact that you are still standing in 2019 is your victory!

Go into 2019 Looking Forward, with your eyes on the prize. Leave all of last year’s troubles exactly where they are at, in the past. Do not dwell on 2018, but if you must look back, then dwell on what God did!
-He delivered you!
-He helped you!
-He forgave you!
-He healed you!
-He provided for you!
-He comforted you!
-He made a way when there was no way!

The New Year is Crowned with His Goodness! Embrace this Truth and Hope! Focus on God’s Goodness and Anticipate His abundance and favor! Focus on the great and mighty things that He has done and will do! 2019 will be filled with Newness! You will prosper according to God’s plan. Just get on the path that He has already set. A path that drips with abundance. A path that is filled with His presence!

Happy New Year! May your 2019 be Blessed and Prosperous, even as your soul prospers!





Pastor Luis A. Vergara